Hey guys

I’ll be on hiatus for a while because my computer can’t post photos at all anymore, nor will it let me access this blog. T_T I’m so sorry.

It spoke to me on a personal level.

It spoke to me on a personal level.

Hey Everyone!!

So I’m leaving for foreign lands today!! Vacation vacation vacation!!!
Going to Holland/Kenya/Tanzania~

But while I’m away, I won’t have access to this blog.
So! If you want to contact me, if you know me personally, here is not the place for the next month, and if you don’t, just wait for an answer! ^^ All in good time~

If you want to see my trip updates, you can follow me on Instagram!!
Instagram user: myheartisintheocean
~I’ll update whenever I have wifi~

Other than that, I’ll see you guys in a month!! I love you all so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support~

See you soon!!